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About Us

Creating extraordinary experiences, and delivering high recall solutions for your brand.

We are all about the drive and passion for innovative marketing.

Genres across the globe are multifaceted; every degree is a paradigm shift. With a melting pot of cultures, languages, entertainment, palettes, lifestyles and demographics, it takes only a hustle worthy agency to relish these complexities and turn them into big ideas.

“Our Values - CLIENT FIRST. This is the passion that drives us to create big everyday.
We make results an addiction”.

Raj Somaiah

A BOI Experience = (Immersive + Interactive + Digital)*Passion

We specialize in integrating unique verticals, delivering high recall solutions to capture minds in pan cultural environments.

Our eco system thrives on team members, we call The Game Changers. We’ve got Creative, Art Directors, ACT Engagement, Production, Programmers, Engineers, Marketing Specialists & more working meticulously to create awards winning experiences.

“We love new ideas, challenges excite us, and a burning desire
to learn more everyday give us our goals”.

Rahi. S

At BOI, it’s the people who make all the impact.

We are a team of individuals who specialize in multidimensional skill sets that makes a virtual network covering corner stones of brand communication, digital, advertising, PR and production.

At an average age of 28, our team is bursting with ideas and new ways of ensuring your brand makes a mark. Innovation is our mandate.

The Passion Drivers

  • Raj Somaiah

    The Game Changer

  • Rahi Shaikh

    Queen Bee

  • Rehana Memon

    Smooth Operator

  • Disha Shah

    Entertainment Einstein

  • Daphne Raposo

    Performance Programmer

  • Erwin Nath

    Creative Goliath

  • Amit Thakur

    Design Daredevil

At BOI, being socially responsible is our mandate too. And when it comes to the society, we believe in support to the fullest.

BOI supports Save the Children Foundation, to help feeding, sheltering and protecting young children. Our donation in cash and kind helps ensure a happy and healthy future for them.

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