Annual Sales & Excellence Meet

Annual Sales & Excellence Meet

The Annual Sales & Excellence Meet is where Novartis India’s Mid Senior & Senior level Medical Representatives & Sales drivers came together for a 4 day event to celebrate the year’s success, learn new business strategies, felicitate extraordinary performers, enjoy entertainment acts & network at the gala dinners.

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The first of its kind mammoth scale of Large Scale Interaction Program, engaging over 1700 minds to write, draw out the company's goal for the year.

1700 minds coming together to Invent, Impact & Inspire, co-create the future of the company on the very platform


1700 of Novartis' key members.


1700 minds coming together to Invent, Impact & Inspire.


International Aerial act within the audience & the grand a closing by Shankar Mahadaven’s soulful renditions at the closing ceremony.

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