ICICI Prudential Bancassurance

ICICI Prudential Bancassurance

ICICI Prudential Banassurance Olympics, was a sales campaigns for the 2nd quarter of 2016. An incentive program that promised a real life Olympics experience, including sports competitions, marathons, medals, & a chance to meet and interact with iconic sports star and Olympic winners.

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BOI indulged in guerilla marketing; from interaction to co-participation with sports icons, the motto of winning Higher, Faster & Stronger was imbibed seamlessly. Engaging icons like Deepa Malik, Milind Soman, P.Gopichand, P.V Singhu, Farhan Akhtar, Orissa Kelley & 40 other artists, speaking the language of winning, gave the event a high motivational quotient that spread over next quarter results too.

Dream Run with Milind Soman & a visit to the P. Gopichand academy for an exhibition match. An Olympics Arena created at the Gachibowli stadium, with 50,000sq/mts dedicated to Bancassurance Olympics, with over 30 games open for participation.


Over 1400 sales drivers from ICICI Prudential


A complete Olympics experience, with the essence of Olympics, and most importantly the spirit of winning.


Farhan Akhtar Live, Dream Run with Milind Soman, and other curated interventions..

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