DigiX - Digital Day

DigiX - Digital Day

As part of its strong growth oriented values, Sanofi was seeking to inculcate a digital outlook among its stakeholders. The Digital Day – a concept that engaged different elements of technology under one roof.

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BOI EXP drove all communication digitally with – #meaningfulexperiences. The experience was reimagined with the entire event like the TEDTalks, engaging domain specialists from various industries to come and interact with the stakeholders and apprise them on digital expansion across the globe.

BOI EXP also introduced a whole new format engaging over 13 technology service providers to showcase their most technologically advanced products updating the audience with technology 2.0, incentivized by fun takeaways over the 2 days.


150 core team members across various divisions


End to end use of technology at all touch points. The 1st of its kind RFID registrations was a whole new digital experience


8 eminent industry leaders from the largest corporates, empaneled as external speakers

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