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How to make your Unhealthiest foods into Healthiest foods

By September 30, 2019November 29th, 2021No Comments

Stressing on our taste buds, we might get confused between healthy and unhealthy food habits. So it gets hard to maintain our health while satisfying the cravings for tasty food.

Some people have misled the healthy foods to be tasteless, but it’s not all true when we consider some tasty yet healthy foods.

If you are one of those who want to enjoy the tasty foods while maintaining health at top corner, replacing the routine diet with a healthy one might work for you.

But, first, let’s take a look into unhealthy foods for you…

● Sugary foods & drinks
● Most pizzas and white bread
● Sweetened cereals
● Fried, grilled, or broiled food
● Pastries, cookies, and cakes
● Chips and fries
● Processed meats & cheese
● Processed foods

While these foods are easy to prepare, consume and digest, they are impacting on your digestive system and overall health. They will cost you a heavy toll on your body through high cholesterol, fat, sugar and much more.
How can you replace these ‘Junk’ foods with healthy foods?
Replacing unhealthy foods to healthy items could seem a little harder but if you read more about healthy living and diet practices, you will find it isn’t.

Going gluten free is one of the easiest and preferred ways of adopting healthy diet for sustainable living.


Well, you might have come across many thoughts that gluten free makes you weak, it steals your taste cravings and many to name a few, but it isn’t really true.

For us at SkyRoots, we are promoting healthy diet habits through ancient Indian foods made with millets, one of the ancient grains that missed out while adopting the western culture.

Why Millets?

Millets are packed with proteins, fibres, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates which make them suitable foods for a healthy body.

Further, millets help you lose weight through cutting out sugar, and high fibre.
Most popular millets are Jowar, Bajra and Ragi which have been in our Indian culture since ages.

How can you replace unhealthy foods with millets?

There are N number of ways to adopt millets in your diet.

You can prepare both foods and drinks with millets.

Some of the popular and easy to make recipes with millets are…

1. Porridge
2. Cakes, breads and Rotis
3. Khichdi
4. Biscuits
5. Cereals
6. Idlis, Appes

Most people are finding cereals and idlis as the best choice while shifting to healthy foods.

You can easily find Jowar food items in your local grocery store or at our online shop at SkyRoots.

To start with, you can get your pack of Ragi instant idli mix and prepare healthy and light idlis at your home. Millet idlis are one of the best items to have in breakfast and dinner. Ragi idli with whole ragi is light, healthy and filling.

Find the range of healthy foods at SkyRoots and replace your unhealthy foods today!

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