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Is Gluten-Free a hype or it has something to do with your health?

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There is a controversy building over Gluten, whether it is good or bad for health? There are people who believe that Gluten is good for health. On the other hand, there are experts who say that Gluten is harmful to most of the people. According to a survey recently conducted, more than 30% of people in America actively try and avoid Gluten.

Let us first understand what is Gluten

Gluten is a generic name given to a family of proteins found in grains such as wheat, spelt, rye and barley. Gluten is a sticky substance which gives the grains its shape by acting like glue. Most of the normal people are fine even after consuming products containing Gluten. However, many people develop health problems after eating Gluten containing products. There are about 5 conditions in people where Gluten could pose health problems.

5 conditions where Gluten diet causes problems and complications.
  • Patients suffering from celiac disease – There are about 1% of the population diagnosed by celiac disease and about 80% still don’t know that they have this disease. Gluten-containing products cause inflammation of the intestinal lining and problems in the absorption of nutrients in patients suffering from celiac disease
  • Gluten Sensitivity – About 6 to 8 % of people are sensitive to Gluten. Gluten-containing products cause bloating, inflammation of intestinal lining and nutritional deficiencies in these patients.
  • Brain disorders – Patients suffering from brain disorders show enhanced allergy towards gluten. This may lead to post-meal dizziness, nutritional problems, and hyperallergic reactions. Patients with schizophrenia, autism, and epilepsy show less response and slow recovery when they are consuming Gluten containing products.
  • Diabetic patients – Gluten rich products are also rich in carbohydrates and cholesterol increases the problems in diabetic patients. Gluten-containing products may cause complications like stomach problems, increase in sugar and cholesterol level, malabsorption of nutrients and nutritional deficiencies in diabetic patients.
  • Normal people – Normal people may also develop complications after consuming a gluten-containing diet. They may complain of increased addiction to gluten-containing foodstuffs, increased bowel problems, inflammation of intestinal lining, bloating and fuzzy brain.

Gluten and Gluten containing products, therefore, are harmful not only to the patients but also to normal people. At the same time, Gluten may also cause nutritional deficiencies and therefore affect the natural growth and development of the children.

Gluten-free diet brings back normal health

Gluten is harmful not only to people who suffer from celiac disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, brain disorders like autism, epilepsy but also to normal persons as described as described above. These complex and harmful conditions caused due to the gluten-containing diet can be reduced by avoiding gluten in the diet. After switching to Gluten-free diet, the complications subside and people experience a much healthier life again.

Gluten is not hype but consuming a gluten-free diet is beneficial to most of the people.

Gluten-free recipes and diet that you can consume

There are various gluten-free whole grains that one can switch to in their diet. Gluten Free Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes and Pearl Millet (Bajra) Flakes are products which could be consumed in your daily diet. These are made from whole grains are nutritious and tasty. Gluten Free Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes and Pearl Millet (Bajra) Flakes are rich in fibre and contains low levels of sugar and slow releasing cholesterol. Many tasty recipes could be made very easily and in no time from Gluten Free Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes and Pearl Millet (Bajra) Flakes. Since they are traditionally grown, they are rich in natural nutrients essential for our body. Switch to a healthy diet to bring back a normal life!

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