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Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes

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Most of the people today are very health conscious and careful in selecting the foods that they consume. At the same time, there are people who express that diet food may have negative effects on mental and physical health.

Why is Physical and mental health important?

There is a humongous amount of literature available to explain the importance of mental and physical health of a person. Both physical and mental stability and robustness are important for a healthy lifestyle. Complications in either of them may lead to many diseases, problems and disorders; in short a very unhealthy life. It is aptly said that “health is wealth”. There is no happiness and enjoyment in life if one is unhealthy. One should, therefore, make out time to take care of one’s mental and physical health.

How to take maintain your overall mental and physical health?

There are various ways to maintain the health of your mind and body. Exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet is the key to success. A properly planned diet which is full of nutrition but low in calories would be most beneficial. Regular activity increases the amount of oxygen in the body, which in turn betters the cognition, cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. It avoids depression, fatigue, and laziness.

Diet, on the other hand, has far-reaching effects on physical and mental health. Foodstuffs rich in nutrients help in various growth, development, physiological processes and repair mechanisms of the body. It also boosts the immune system and equips the body to fight various diseases. Good food gives you energy and enhances your performance.

Does Sorghum, known as millet or Jowar beneficial?

Sorghum or Jowar is one of a healthy alternative. It is incredibly rich in various nutrients and could be an essential ingredient of a planned and well – poised diet. Let’s see the various sorghum health benefits –

Helps in Digestion: Jowar is rich in fiber, about 100 grams of Jowar contains 6 grams of dietary fiber. Due to high fiber content, Jowar benefits in improving digestion, increasing bowel movements and reducing abdominal problems.

Rich source of proteins: Sorghum grains are a rich source of proteins. About 12 grams of protein is present in 100 grams of Jowar grains. Proteins in sorghum grain benefits by building muscles, regeneration of cells, and in repairing of the body tissues.

ExpeditesWeight reduction: Sorghum nutrition facts suggest that it contains a low level of sugar, low cholesterol, high levels of fiber and protein. Protein and fiber take a long time to digest and therefore stay longer in the body. You feel less hungry when you eat high protein and fiber-containing foodstuffs. Also, benefits of jowar in weight loss are observed due to low sugar and cholesterol content, which aid in weight reduction, improving heart health and in controlling diabetes and high cholesterol.

Opulent source of essential nutrients: Jowar contains essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in affluence. It is full of good quantities of calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorous, potassium and cell-building B vitamins. The presence of these essential nutrients help in repairing the cells in the body, proper circulation enhances energy levels and building strong bones. Overall these nutrients keep the body healthy and keep all the ailments at bay

Prevent complications caused due to gluten protein: Jowar benefits as it contains fewer amounts of Gluten Protein. Gluten protein is naturally found in many grains and is responsible to cause various abdominal abnormalities, mal-absorption of nutrients, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, stomach pain to state a few. Since Jowar is gluten-free, it helps to avoid all these complications and also reduce acidity and post-meal dizziness.

An excellent Gluten-free Jowar Flakes option by Skyroots

Skyroots have brought to market an excellent option, Gluten Free Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes and Pearl Millet (Bajra) Flakes. It has all the benefits offered by Jowar grains. At the same time, various tasty and easy recipes could be made from Gluten Free Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes and Pearl Millet (Bajra) Flakes which could be easily incorporated in your daily breakfast and meals.

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