Expertise Areas



Our unique MICE outlook to amplify brand impact :

Memorable Experiences: we design truly unforgettable moments in live and virtual experiences.

Innovation as Benchmark: we are always yoking new ideas, technology or world-class destinations.

Connections with people: our purpose is to forge deep bonds among audiences with shared stories.

Excellence in Service: setting new standards to create unparalleled brand experiences with results as our mandate.

ACT & I Engagement Solutions

ACT & I Engagement Solutions:

We channel the engaging power of Actors, Celebrities, Talent and Influencers who resonate brand values across various areas through their talent, performances, dazzling star power and subject matter expertise.

Event Technology Solutions

Event Technology Solutions:

We weave state-of-the-art digital and event technology into the participant’s journey at multiple touchpoints through sound, light, gesture and touch.

Creative Design Support

Creative Design Support:

Our design teams shape the visual aspect of the event through striking and eye-catching designs, graphics, illustrations, logos, layouts and photographs.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events:

We facilitate dynamic interactions with virtual, augmented and hybrid broadcast events which we integrate into conventional experiential solutions.



We present your brand in intriguing, interactive ways using strategic and tactical creativity to connect with audiences at various touch points such as exhibitions, conventions, road shows, trade shows, and more.

Event & Campaign Communication Development

Event & Campaign Communication Development:

Our crack creative teams come up with out-of-the-box creative ideas and communication solutions right from pre to post event stages.

On Ground Production Planning & Execution

On Ground Production Planning & Execution:

Our team of production experts painstakingly plan, co-ordinate, and execute every element no matter how big or small – from venue selection, set design, lighting, floor plans, audio-visuals, sound to logistics and more.